Phoenix Dance
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“ This extraordinary film by the German/American director draws a wonderful portrait of the late, great Homer Avila, an icon of American contemporary dance who lost a leg and hip to cancer. Part documentary, part performance we watch how the amazing Avila functions in the studio on one leg.”
—Paula Citron

“Karina Epperlein’s deeply inspirational 16-minute film Phoenix Dance follows…[the creation] of a special pas de deux designed for a one-legged man and … ”
—Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide, The New York Times

“The camera’s gaze may be calmly intrigued as in Karina Epperlein’s elegant Phoenix Dance, focusing on the wonderfully lyrical Homer Avila….”
—Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

“Epperlein has created one of those rare poignant films that touches the very depths of the soul and dwells within.”
—Darla Dixon, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival Coordinator

“After the committee watched “Phoenix Dance” there was spontaneous applause by everyone!! An absolute must.”
—Pat Ferrero, Mendocino Film Festival Program Director

“What an incredible film. It is so moving, touching, breath-taking, and we don’t know what else. Words fail to describe the effect on us. ”
—Stuart Dempster, composer/performer; Renko, visual artist

“Unsentimental and deeply moving, Phoenix Dance reveals Avila’s unwavering strength, as well as his tender and playful nature, in the face of reinventing himself as a “one-legged” artist.”
—Dance Magazine

“I loved the film – it was very inspirational and the story was beautifully told and shown.”
—Bob Russell, The Little Theatre Film Society

“I was blown away. Not only is it an amazing story but the dancing and your filming & editing of it are gorgeous.”
—Deirdre McGrath, Community Resources for Independence

“A beautiful film about a heroic journey involving dance, cancer and the determination to make the most of your life.”
—Linda B. Broker, Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival

“Dance is a performing art, and much of its live energy gets lost when transferred to film. Its power, however, remains in Epperlein's work. Phoenix Dance is not a lamentation or a ploy to evoke sympathy from the audience. [T]he film transcends Avila's story and speaks to the meaning of true artistry.”

“Congratulations are in order for Bay-area filmmaker Karina Epperlein and her beautiful and inspiring documentary short Phoenix Dance. We keep our fingers crossed that this extraordinary work gets even further recognition from the Motion Picture Academy… its’ hard to imagine that there are five better.”
—Matthew Curtis, Enzian Theatre, Florida Film Festival

“Thank you for bringing Homer, Alonzo and Andrea into our lives so that we too can look beyond our obstacles and can learn who we are meant to be!”
—Elizabeth Gould Fuss, Walach Glass Studio

“Just saw it at the Denver Film Festival. So strong. So stunning. So simple. It left me quiet inside. Thanks so much.”
—Pilar Baca

“Phoenix Dance will have you in equal parts awe and regret. Awe for the power of the human potential to rise up and overcome and regret for every silly, stupid, whiney complaint you've ever tendered.”
—advocate, UC Denver

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