In the Shadow of Huma’s Wing
Somatic Psychotherapy with Louise Barrie

A film by Karina Epperlein

In the Shadow of Huma's Wing

video documentary, 56 minutes, ©2008

This highly intimate portray of Louise Barrie’s Huma Somatic Psychotherapy takes us on a journey of experiencing, not just observing this unique work. Karina’s sensitive, tightly framed camera and the flicker of dark and light of the abstract black and white super 8 footage keep the viewer on his/her inner journey towards the deeper self.

We witness the course of four (collapsed) private sessions, interspersed with Louise highlighting the main points of her work, as well seeing her coaching advanced practitioners in one of her workshops.


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“The movie yesterday touched a deep place in me. I felt like I was in the room, on the table and besides the table. Everything was so close and intimate to the point of discomfort at times for me and yet the discomfort was always overtaken by a strong sense of presence and acceptance demonstrated by you and the person on the table and the eyes behind the camera. I loved those close-up shots, they worked on me very deeply like a magnification of what is outside and inside.

Then there was nothing else to do but accept it. And so after a while and a short struggle I came to accept my own discomfort, listening outside and inside, seeing outside and inside and feeling outside and inside. I came to accept being contacted in an intimate way through and by the movie. I came to accept my own contact. For me that was the magic.

This is beautiful work, still working on me, in the background of me now. Thank you for making and sharing this movie, many thanks to Karina and the people in the movie.”

—Christine O.


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